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Cfnm Humiliation Peeping Tom Cfnm Plus

Brand new Cfnm site launch today is the news item of the moment, Cfnm Plus is the site in question, and it’s chock full of exclusive, good quality cfnm pics and cfnm movies.

Episodes include: “The Girls Turn”, “Peeping Tom Humiliated” (which the pic here is taken from), “Teacher Teased and Smothered”, “Locker Room Pervert Busted”, “Examined In Front Of Nurse”, and more. Ranging from Cfnm humiliation, to Cfnm femdom, and even a bit of girl-fucking-guy, this looks to be another excellent addition to the growing number of Cfnm sites on offer.

Just a couple of years ago there was a dearth of good Cfnm material, finally producers are getting the message that cfnm is worthy of some top quality scenes, and, while this is obviously a brand new site, things are looking good. There is a story behind each episode, and here is the pre-amble for the Peeping Tom scene:
Julie, Christie and Michelle were hanging out after work, when Christie spotted someone peeping in their window. They couldn’t believe it was their “weird” co-worker Steve. The girls knew he was a little strange, but it shocked them that he was creepy enough to look into the window of their house. They decided to teach him a little lesson.

They brought him into the house then forcefully stripped off his clothing. After making fun of his small cock, they decided to torture him a little bit! They took turns stroking his cock, and just as he was starting to cum, they stopped. Then cum then slowly dribbled out of his throbbing cock while he was moaning in discomfort. There is nothing worse than getting a ruined handjob!

Visit the site: Cfnm Plus


Cfnm Femdom Party

Ok so I’ve had more of a look inside the new cfnm site I posted about HERE and it’s much more femdom oriented than I first thought. The cfnm community has been screaming out for a site like this for years, which goes back to the part of cfnm that was all about men being playthings for strong, assertive women. A very welcome addition to the family of cfnm sites we are now able to enjoy!


New Cfnm Hardcore Stripper Site Launched

Three cheers for the arrival of a brand new cfnm stripper site where the guys are hung, and the girls are not only dying to see some cock, but aren’t afraid of getting themselves a piece of the action as they turn into alcohol fuelled nymphos that seem to scare the hell out of the strippers!

These dirty women certainly aren’t shy, and basically make the male strippers their playthings for the evening, so a nice touch of female domination is also mixed in with the bachelorette party angle of cfnm. If you like your clothed females assertive, then you are going to be blown away by the explicit cfnm movies that this site offers.

Here’s a few shots from the tour:



Eight Girls Cfnm

A welcome return to the seriously cock crazy chick Cfnm Brandi, the only true natural cfnm pretty much – she is an amateur porn babe that doesn’t even realise that most of her content is cfnm. The good news is that we see a naturally cock curious teen in action, rather than one following a cfnm script 😀

Eight Girls Cfnm
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Here we see eight girls in cfnm action, as a blindfolded dude gets stripped naked, and after the girls take pictures of each other with a handful of his cock, they take turns having fun with him, groping, stroking, and sucking, before getting him to jack off for them, and this guy shoots a huge stream of cum, totally taking one of the girls by complete surprise as it jets much farther than she was expecting, hitting her t-shirt 😀

Eight Girl Cfnm
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Cfnm Femdom Measuring Cocks

Cfnm Measuring Cocks Great Cfnm Humiliation from a femdom chick as she gets two naked males and measures each guys cock in turn, giving plenty of verbal humiliation as she goes.

Making the nude dudes stroke their cocks, and having a pretty good grope herself as she measures them, she humiliates the guy with the shortest dick, slapping him with her ruler, and forcing him to perform star-jumps, causing his semi-erect cock to bounce around in all directions.

She informs him that “that isn’t a cock, it’s a piece of shit!”, before making him collapse onto the floor with her ruler-spanking.

Click the pic to see the sample movies, or click HERE to get a huge dose of Cfnm humiliation.


Housewives Sucking Stripper Cocks

Housewives Sucking Stripper Cocks Surely the most madcap site online, the irrepressible Cfnm Stripper Megasite is chock full of 100% genuine housewives sucking stripper’s cocks, filmed entirely live at the bachelorette parties they organise in UK clubs and bars.

This shit really does have to be seen to be believed, once these women get together, and the drinks start flowing, the old saying that women are dirtier than men proves itself to be absolutely true. Egged on by not only their frinds, but all the other females in the venue, the show-offs amongst them can’t wait to grab, then hungrily suck on the guys’ big swinging dicks, and the guys are plenty willing to let them.

Click the pic for the insane movie clips, or just click HERE to view them 🙂


Cfnm Show – Cfnm Stroker

More awesome cfnm video fun from what is rapidly becoming my favorite cfnm site of all time: Cfnm Show where we get to enjoy gameshows with a cfnm twist, and boy oh boy is it a gameshow I’d pay good money to appear on 😀

This episode sees the girls using a male masturbator on some cocks and – well I won’t spoil the fun, so check out the video below 😉

Cfnm Show


Cfnm Handjobs

cfnm handjobs

Type of Cfnm: Cfnm Handjobs
Downloadable movies: Yes
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Released on September 20th 2007 this is the stablemate to the cfnm site forced men, and this one is all about everyday girls jacking off naked males while they stay fully clothed, either in demure outfits, or a variety of uniforms such as nurses, policewomen, etc. A wide variety of cfnm handjobs, from light femdom, to milking, and the age range is from teen to mature doing the wanking.

Cfnm Handjobs are the mainstay here, and aside from a very small amount of topless activity, the prime focus is on everyday women jerking off naked males. There is some light femdom, miilking, some anal probing by women, and ‘standard’ handjobs, all dished out in a wide array of clothing styles, from underwear to demure, to uniforms such as policewomen and nurses.

Navigation is simple, with a couple of clicks taking you to either the movies, which you can watch in an embedded movie player within the site, or download to keep, and the picture galleries. The design is very clean, easy on the eye and makes for a good surfing experience, with nothing to distract you from the content. The scenes are each about 10 minutes or so long, and the picture galleries consist of an average 60 – 140 images. You can’t download the pics in one hit, but the full images you can download one by one.

The storylines are very good, and varied, with the number of clothed females in each scene being anywhere from 1 – 4.

Our Rating: 8.4/10

Exclusive Content 10/10
Quality Content 7/10
Quantity Content 7/10
Cfnm Content 9/10
Movie Quantity 7/10
Movie Quality 8/10
Downloadable Content 10/10
Storylines 10/10
Content Resolution 8/10
Value For Money 8/10

Total Score 84/100


Milfs in Cfnm

Unwitting cfnm scenes (which are actually some of my favorite types) over at Milfs Sex, where horny moms catch stepsons nude and have fun with their cocks 😀


Little Dick Cfnm

Little Dick Humiliation
Clothed Females Humiliating Nude Males With Tiny Dicks

Cfnm Humiliation of Teeny Tiny Cocks A fantastic new cfnm humiliation site in the form of Little Dick Cfnm and this bunch of dominating, and sometimes cruel women, rip into guys with well-below standard cocks.

The site has 100% exclusive movies and pics of a variety of women, in different situations, and many different guys, but the one thing in common is the size of their teeny tiny 2 inch and 3 inch cocks, and the clothed females take great delight in letting them know exactly how pathetic their shrimp sized dicks are. Not content with verbally humiliating the nude guys, they jerk (well, stimulate is a better word really) the chipolata replicas until they spurt what are miniscule loads.

Great for dominant women, and submissive males who love to give women merriment by having them totally humiliate them in front of other laughing females, this site was strangely erotic even for me (hey, my dick is massive 😉 ).


Japanese Cfnm Nurses

Japanese Cfnm New japanese cfnm scenes as two nurses are introduced to a penis in this saucy video, the giggling nurses are quizzed on their knowledge of the male anatomy and then get put through their paces with some hands on questions and answers, as we get treated to unpixellated japanese cfnm at it’s very finest 😀

This excellent japanese cfnm movie comes from the relatively new, but now fairly full site you can visit by clicking here .

japanese nurse cfnm
japanese nurses cfnm
japanese cfnm nurses

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