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With the excuse that they need to check out his equipment to make sure no permanent damage has been done, one of the girls starts to take down his tracksuit bottoms to expose his cock for all of them to have a look at, and they can’t help but fondle his naked dick, which now starts to get erect in front of them!

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Wendy can see how excited the wide eyed teens are to have a man in front of them with his cock and balls in full view, and the girls feel empowered enough that they urge each other to start wanking their subject off, and amid giggles, gasps, and mutual encouragement, they jerk, grope, fondle, and play with their new naked male toy.

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The girls gleefully get their reward when they are treated to an eyeful of shooting spunk, as the guy can’t hold back any longer, and with the girls all pumping at his cock, he unleashes a jet of cum that flies in the air, and all over the blond girl’s hands and fingers as she continues to wank him up and down, using his hot jizz as a lubricant as she makes sure every last drop is drained out of his still pulsating balls…

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