Cfnm Humiliation Peeping Tom Cfnm Plus

Brand new Cfnm site launch today is the news item of the moment, Cfnm Plus is the site in question, and it’s chock full of exclusive, good quality cfnm pics and cfnm movies.

Episodes include: “The Girls Turn”, “Peeping Tom Humiliated” (which the pic here is taken from), “Teacher Teased and Smothered”, “Locker Room Pervert Busted”, “Examined In Front Of Nurse”, and more. Ranging from Cfnm humiliation, to Cfnm femdom, and even a bit of girl-fucking-guy, this looks to be another excellent addition to the growing number of Cfnm sites on offer.

Just a couple of years ago there was a dearth of good Cfnm material, finally producers are getting the message that cfnm is worthy of some top quality scenes, and, while this is obviously a brand new site, things are looking good. There is a story behind each episode, and here is the pre-amble for the Peeping Tom scene:
Julie, Christie and Michelle were hanging out after work, when Christie spotted someone peeping in their window. They couldn’t believe it was their “weird” co-worker Steve. The girls knew he was a little strange, but it shocked them that he was creepy enough to look into the window of their house. They decided to teach him a little lesson.

They brought him into the house then forcefully stripped off his clothing. After making fun of his small cock, they decided to torture him a little bit! They took turns stroking his cock, and just as he was starting to cum, they stopped. Then cum then slowly dribbled out of his throbbing cock while he was moaning in discomfort. There is nothing worse than getting a ruined handjob!

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