Two female paramedics have been called out to a house where a guy is complaining of chest pains. When they arrive they find that he seems to feel much better each time their hands get close to his crotch. They come to the conclusion that there’s nothing actually wrong with him. Laura remarks that she can’t feel anything in his trousers, so the pair of them remove his pants and can’t help but laugh at how tiny his little winky is. As they prod and poke at it, the patient says the pain has almost completely disappeared and that they should keep their attention on his dick. Both of the girls just laugh out loud at his pathetic penis and tell him his winky is tiny and they wouldn’t usually waste any time on such a puny, microscopic ‘manhood’. Shay asks him why he isn’t embarrassed to show them such a little todger and Laura says she thought his cock was actually a testicle when she first caught sight of it!

As they carry on playing with it the guy starts to shoot a little bit of cum and thinks he has done what it takes to have impressed them – but he couldn’t be more wrong if he tried!

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