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Drunk Girls Cfnm

Sunday, August 27th, 2023

Great new movie from Dancing Bear which films 100% genuine drunk party chicks at cfnm parties getting up to naughtiness with the male strippers.

The latest filmed event takes place inside a club on a special ladies only night, and let me tell you – these women are insane! They go mad for the strippers as the wave their cocks in the air, much to the amazed delight of the women attending the show, and things get even wilder once the real cfnm action starts, with the naked males going into the audience so the clothed females get an ever closer look.

It doesn’t stop at just looking though, and the girls that are the least shy going in for some full on cock inspection, most of them having never seen a dick as big as the one’s these male strippers own in real life. The looks of amazement at the length and girth of some of the guys is a true pleasure to watch, as the savour the sight and feel of nude men purely there for the women’s enjoyment.

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Click above to go to the movie of this truly awesome piece of cfnm action! Below are a few pics from the movie:

cfnm girls
cfnm women
cfnm strippers

New Cfnm Site Dancing Bear

Friday, August 18th, 2023

Cfnm Stripper Handjobs Fantastic news of a brand new Cfnm stripper site, Dancing Bear which films 100% genuine party girls at bachelorette parties getting up to rude fun with the male strippers.

All the shows are filmed in front of a real all girl audience, many of them drunk, and most of thm horny. What happens next is a revelation – once the guys come out and start removing their clothes, the girls encourage each other to stroke the male strippers dicks, and even sucking on them. Plenty of cfnm party games also take place, with toss-the-ring-on-the-erect-cock, and a race to see which girl can make her stripper shoot his cum on a plate!

These girls get out of control, but love every minute, and so will you when you see just what the average girl next door gets up to on a night out with her friends, with no boys allowed! Click Here To Visit The Site.

Cfnm Handjobs For Strippers

Wednesday, August 9th, 2023

Cfnm Stripper Handjobs More insane footage of genuine UK amateur girls, ranging from innocent but bewildered 18 year old teens, to experienced housewives who have seen it all before, to grannies who can’t believe their luck in grabbing hold of virile young male strippers cocks as showcased at Extreme Cfnm Party Nights.

Once these women have a bit of alcohol, some egging on by the other girls in the audience, and are caught up in the moment, the hands start grabbing at the guys big dicks either on stage or as they make their way through the seated areas, with the women certainly not backwards at coming forwards in giving Cfnm handjobs to the strippers performing for them…

Take a look at the outrageous antics of naughty girlfriends, and over-excited sexually charged up housewives as they clamour for a stroke of real stripper cock and don’t care who sees them – until they sober up!

Be warned – if you are a guy in the UK, and your wife or girlfriend, mom or aunt, or even granny has been out to a cfnm bachelorette party, she may well be on your screens – find out if she is by checking the free movie samples that are Located Here – and remember, I *DID* warn you 😉

Housewives Sucking Stripper Cocks

Thursday, June 15th, 2023

Housewives Sucking Stripper Cocks Surely the most madcap site online, the irrepressible Cfnm Stripper Megasite is chock full of 100% genuine housewives sucking stripper’s cocks, filmed entirely live at the bachelorette parties they organise in UK clubs and bars.

This shit really does have to be seen to be believed, once these women get together, and the drinks start flowing, the old saying that women are dirtier than men proves itself to be absolutely true. Egged on by not only their frinds, but all the other females in the venue, the show-offs amongst them can’t wait to grab, then hungrily suck on the guys’ big swinging dicks, and the guys are plenty willing to let them.

Click the pic for the insane movie clips, or just click HERE to view them 🙂

Madcap Girls Love Cfnm Strippers

Friday, March 17th, 2023

Madcap Girls Love Cfnm Strippers
Madcap Girls Love Cfnm Strippers

The Dancing Bear cfnm show is a crazy night out for the girls who want to enjoy some male nudity without their boyfriends and husbands finding out what they get up to once they’ve been on the drinks and their inhibitions are gone. Here’s a particularly raucous night out, with the fully clothed girls going wild for the strippers dicks, having no shame in reaching out for a good feel of the nude guy’s cocks and balls.

Unfortunately for the girls, but luckily for us, they’ve already been captured on film by the crew, and thanks to This Site, we get to see just how badly these drunk girls behave when they thought no-one would find out 😀 Some of the ladies are worse than others, and some of them are actually pretty shocked at the level of interaction, not to mention the behaviour of their girlfriends who they probably thought were the shy retiring types as they worked together and so on.

As we can see, this is most definitely not the case, and though these particular females are of the younger generation, it proves that the old saying ‘women are dirtier than men’ rings true.

CLICK HERE to see the shocking inside footage that will make you never trust your woman again when she says ‘oh, it’s just a night with the girls’!!!

Cfnm Party Video

Sunday, January 22nd, 2023

Cfnm Party
Click to play movie

More insane cfnm party action from the crazy cfnm strippers who not only wave their dicks in front of an all girl audience, but actually go the whole way and produce cumshots for, and sometimes ON the crowd members 😀 Make no mistake, these guys are the most hardcore cfnm strippers on the planet, and when they hold a cfnm party, they hold a fucking cfnm party!

The female bachelorette party girls are allowed, and in fact encouraged to fondle the strippers however much they want, with the more drunk and/or crazy girls sucking the strippers cocks in full view of their friends, as well as the girls at the cfnm party who they don’t know, but don’t care if they see! Some of the girls seem to engage in a contest of sorts, where they see which out of them can make the guys hardest, and that means they’ll wank, lick, and suck male stripper cocks to ‘prove’ to their friends that they are the craziest chick at the table 😀

Great news for us cfnm fans, and man oh man, there is something about watching a crowd of cock-crazy women going mad for some man meat that gets my boner rock solid every time 😀

Cfnm Party Video
Click here to play the video

Extreme Cfnm

Thursday, October 6th, 2022

Type of Cfnm: Bachelorette Cfnm Strippers
Downloadable movies: Yes
Click Here For Site

Outlandish scenes filmed at real life bachelorette parties with women behaving VERY badly! When the guys are away the girls will play, and in these superbly rude shows the women aren’t shy to suck and wank the naked males cocks. Astonishing insight into what really happens when women get together and watch male strippers. The site featured in a recent divorce case when the husband saw footage on the internet!

Extreme Cfnm gave birth to the web’s cfnm stripper sites, and every kind of woman is featured in this site, from wide-eyed 18 year old teens, to 20 & 30-something moms, to mature women of 60+ years old who have seen it, got the book, the t-shirt, and most likely the pussies to prove it – though thankfully we don’t see any of that 😀

Navigation through the site is not ultra easy, but at the same time it’s not exactly that hard either, so no problems getting around the site to the cfnm content you want. Design wise it’s pleasing to the eye, with nice contrasting colors that won’t give you a headache. Content is plentiful, with it being split into categories such as handjobs, blowjobs, fucking (these are behind the scenes movies that the guys shoot of their audience conquests who ask to stay behind after the show has finished), strippers and the shows, members pictures, general performances, and bonus archived material also.

The bachelorette parties are filmed in genuine bars & clubs in the UK & select areas of Europe, and attendance is welcome to all females over the age of 18, so you get a mix of young and old, all of whom get very much into the swing of it, and seem to want to ‘outdo’ each other!

Extreme Cfnm is run by one of the strippers who performs – I’m sworn to secrecy on which one it is though, sorry! I can tell you he is married, and his wife must be one very understanding lady to know her husband has dozens of women clamouring to grab hold of, and suck her husband’s dick every time he performs!

A definite thumbs-up for this site, they deserve the title of ‘mother of the cfnm stripper sites’ – that’s a definite.

Put simply, this is the mother of all stripper cfnm sites. The site that really kicked off the cfnm phenomenon as we know it, this is the genuine article – 100% real amateur women, most of which are someone’s wife or girlfriend. And all having the time of their lives with big dicked male strippers without their partners knowledge (well, we presume that’s the case for the majority!). Extreme cfnm is extreme value for money.

Our Rating: 9.7/10

Exclusive Content 10/10
Quality Content 10/10
Quantity Content 10/10
Cfnm Content 10/10
Movie Quantity 10/10
Movie Quality 9/10
Downloadable Content 10/10
Storylines 9/10
Content Resolution 9/10
Value For Money 10/10

Total Score 97/100