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Hot cock-curious teen Brandi and her equally cock curious girlfriends take an opportunity to spy on naked guys showering and can't believe what they see - watch their jaws drop as they behave just as you'd expect giggling teens to...before...

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Everyone has the couple of friends who are real late bloomers well i have this one friend.. well actually shes a friend if a friend who beleive it or not is not only still a virgin but....drumroll please ...... has never seen a penis!!! and shes nineteen freakin years old!!! can you believe it.

When my friend was teling me about this girl i knew i just had to meet i arranged a meeting and shes actually a very nice girl i was expecting a prude bitchy bitch...but she was the most timid so when i proposed for to be on my website to share with all you guys her first time seeing a penis i was absolutly shocked she agreed..well maybe it had something to do with the fact that i told her i had this friend maryjane who was in the same precidiment and she would be on with her and they would go through the whole thing was only a half lie...maryjane was on the shoot with her but shes anything but a virgin you guys saw her and i molest that dude while he was sleeping remember!

We also told her the guys would be virgins..she is gullaBULL..the guys we met right before the shoot we had to screen em to make sure they would do it.But the most ironic thing is when we do the interview in the beginning cheyanne makes up this lie about just having seen a penis..what??? weird girls...anyhoo A long story short check out this shoot cause she does a bit more than just "see" a penis and maryjane proves how much a virgin she is NOT - enjoy boys and girls!!


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